Our Federal and State Safe and Sound Banking Standards and Practices, Consumer Financial Protection, Deceptive Trade Practice and Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Servicer laws, rules and regulations are convaluted, overlapping and they are subject to legaleeze interpretation, and their regulators are restricted by congress and the state from interpreting and enforcing the laws, rules and regulations as congressed passed behalf any one consumer, and their regulators are overwhelmed processing thousands of complaints for the entire United States / individual state.


If you hear a real estate professional say: "Please sign this Seller Mold Waiver and Disclosure .., please sign this Seller's Real Property Disclosure. And don't worry, you will have your home inspected by a licensed home inspector."  (•) Nevada Administrative Code 645D.460 reads: A certified inspector shall not, while making inspections, 8. Determine the presence or absence of any suspected adverse environmental condition or hazardous sustance, including, but not limited to, toxins, molds or other fungi, carinogens, radon, noise or contaminations, unless he is licensed or certified to make such inspections and deteminations." (•) There are NO license or regualtory requirements for a mold consultant in the state of NV. (•) NAC 645D.450 further reads: "...a certified inspector shall conduct each inspection and prepare a complete inspection report in accordance with..." (•) A certified home inspector's report, in very small sprint, reads: THIS IS A LIMITED VISUAL INSPECTION. (•) A certified home inspector are a generalist and they cannot calculate the strenght, adequacy or efficiency of any system or component, they cannot predict future conditions of any condition, they can not project the operating costs of any component, and they can not repair or estimate the cost to repair a defect, and they can not look for as aforesaid.               


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