Manifesting skill, care and thought to ensure that your real property business and interest are first and foremost. 

Real estate includes accountancy, appraising, common interest communities (HOA), entitlements (zoning ammendments), land use, structure use, finance (retail, institutional, private), property (asset) management (what is your  real propertys' real net operating income, cap rate and rate of return on investement). 
Real estate includes (i) your monthly cash flow (how much of a home can you afford to pay off within five to ten years), (ii) structural and environmental inspections, (iii) title search (reporting the property's liens, judgements, positive and negative setbacks, easements, and right-of-way and title insurance), and (iv) real estate includes three monthly payments .. one of which you can actually afford to pay each month?

If you want to learn the difference between what the lender qualifies you to purchase vs what you can actually afford and, or if you want to obtain the highest selling price for your home in a resonable time frame, please send me a messsage