If I had listened to Michael, I would not be contending with $15,000.00's of mold demolition, remediation and buildback to date. After I purchased my home, I employed Michael to learn ...read above BEWARE TAB, specifically Home Insectors

Michael has proven time and time again that he is always extremely dilligent in providing excellent service as well as proven results. Michael negotiated two home retention options .. CLICK LINKS


Representing real estate clients since 1998


Who does the REALTOR represent?

When you phone anyone about real estate, your first question must be ..
a  Does the REALTOR® repesent the seller's interests .. to obtain the highest price for the seller?
b  Does the REALTOR® represent the buyer's interests .. to obtain the lowest price for the buyer?
c  Does the REALTOR® represent their highest commissions earned interest .. representing both a and b?
I will represent your real estate business and interests even before my own; this is known as Special or General Agency as evidenced below link that follows.


Nevada real estate representation ("agencies") are described by the Real Estate Division (Nevada's real estate regulator) on page 30 and page 31 CLICK 

i. Implied Agency representation: this is a suggested, not directly expressed represenation. 
ii. Expressed Dual Agency representation: the real estate licensee represents both the buyer and the seller. 
iii. Expressed Special or General Agency represenation: This is a client absolute fidelity, "client before self." 

As your expressed Special or General Agent, I will represent your real estate business interests even before my own, I will itemize precisely your real estate business goals, and I will produce your real estate business wants with proof of financial ability and as the market permits.

A full-faith absolute fidelity, "client before self." Phone (702) 791-3777